Kyu Hwang is a visual artist based out of Seoul, Korea. He was born in Seoul in 1980,
but spent most of his life abroad traveling between England, Germany, Hungary, Canada, and Korea.
Having moved around a lot, Kyu has mastered the art of spending quality alone time,
watching clouds roll by, and getting lost in his thoughts.
This experience / habit feeds his work in the form of drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Contact :

Instagram : @kyuhwang_
Facebook : KYU

E-mail :

Selected Exhibitions :

2014 Group Exhibition, Etoile Art Space, Gangneung, Korea
2014 Mural, B-Gallery, Busan, Korea
2014 Group Exhibition, Gallery Nuri, Goyang, Korea
2013 Mural & Group Exhibition, Art in Nature, Busan, Korea
2013 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Vannessa Project, Seoul, Korea
2013 Solo Exhibition, Gallery UM, Seoul, Korea
2012 Group Exhibition, Gallerie Artpark, Paris, France
2012 Solo Exhibition, Baekwoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Group Exhibition, Café for Contemporary Arts, Vancouver, Canada
2011 Solo Exhibition, Collage Collage Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2011 Group Exhibition, Vans Warped Tour, United States
2011 Group Exhibition, Design for Humanity, LA, United States
2011 Solo Exhibition, Upper Room Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2008 Studioshop Group Exhibition, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2008 Graduation Exhibition, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

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